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What’s Your Relationship with Food?

Check these 10 statements to help assess how you relate to food. Score yourself 1 point for ‘Yes’ and 2 points for ‘No.’

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Questions Your Score
1. I usually eat mindlessly while at my computer or watching TV.
2. At restaurants, I usually clean my plate, no matter how much food is provided.
3. I sometimes feel out of control around food.
4. I often feel guilty after eating certain foods that I think are less healthy.
5. I usually eat when I’m bored rather than when I’m hungry.
6. I eat past the point of feeling full, and I get overly stuffed at most meals.
7. I eat more when I feel stressed, sad or lonely.
8. I’ve eliminated certain foods (e.g., bread, chocolate) because I believe they are unhealthy.
9. I think about food constantly, at least every 30 minutes.
10. I often use food as a reward for myself when I’ve done something good.

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