What is Smart Moves?

Personal Best’s Smart Moves dashboard is a set of digital wellness tools designed to help you and your family make healthier lifestyle choices — and reach your goals together.

Building the foundation for a healthier, fitter life starts with the right tools. Personal Best provides all the resources you need to begin or further your journey toward improved, lifelong well-being:

  • Timely articles
  • Nutrition facts calculator
  • Children’s health guide
  • PDF downloads
  • Healthy recipes
  • Weight analysis
  • Health and safety quizzes
  • Immunization guides
  • Exercise tutorials

Topics covered
Whatever your health and wellness goals, Smart Moves will increase your knowledge and prime you for better health. Topics include: nutrition, weight loss, fitness and physical activity, stress management, heart health, safety, disease prevention, chronic illness management, work-life balance, increasing energy and productivity, age-related issues, and sleep hygiene.

When you eat for nutrition, feel rested and mentally fit, and get plenty of physical activity — vital components of good health — you have the energy and stamina to prevent illness as well as tackle everyday tasks with greater ease. Better health = better life.

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