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QuikQuiz™ Assessment: Smartphones

Is our use of smartphones getting out of control? Texting and other smartphone activities while driving are never safe, but any overuse can have additional undesirable effects.

Assess your relationship with your phone by checking the statements that apply to you:

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Questions Your Score
1. Do you keep your phone in or near your bed while sleeping?
2. Do you check your phone at times that others might consider inappropriate (e.g., theater, house of worship, funerals)?
3. Do you ignore people you are with in favour of your phone?
4. Has your work, relationship(s), sleep or parenting been negatively impacted by your phone use?
5. Do you prefer using your phone to spending time with your partner or spouse?
6. Do you feel depressed or anxious when you can’t use your phone and feel better when you can?
7. Do you hide how much time you spend on your phone or become defensive when asked what you do on it?
8. Does your family or do your friends complain about how much time you spend on your phone?
9. Do you get angry or annoyed when someone interrupts you when you’re on your phone?
10. Have you tried and failed to reduce your phone usage?

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