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Personal Best® Launches Wellness e-Library

Birmingham, AL — Personal Best®, a division of Oakstone Publishing, LLC, and an award-winning wellness industry leader in the U.S. and Canada, announces the launch of the Wellness e-Library, an online package of engaging, medically-vetted wellness resources.

This innovative online resource is changing the way companies approach workplace wellness. The Wellness e-Library from Personal Best® is the only wellness tool on the market that provides a full library of wellness resources in an easy-to-navigate and convenient online format, making it simple and cost effective for businesses to drive engagement in all of their wellness initiatives.

Each month, the Wellness e-Library updates automatically, while users access more than 1,500 articles covering a variety of wellness topics, including the top three topics today: stress, nutrition and fitness. The online portal allows employees and dependents to access their resources 24/7, from work and at home. The Wellness e-Library also allows users to download and/or print electronic newsletters, posters and brochures at their convenience.

Studies indicate that investing in health and wellness programs, such as the new Wellness e-Library from Personal Best®, shows a return on investment between $1.49 and $13.00 per dollar spent. The Wellness e-Library is a practical, convenient solution for organizations of any size to motivate their employees or their clients to lead healthier lifestyles — at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual resources.

“We are very excited about the Wellness e-Library. It was created as a result of communication with our clients about what they need to make their jobs easier and effectively manage their benefit costs. This product addresses both illness and injury — the two main issues that drive up employers’ benefit costs. The Wellness e-Library offers our clients a wellness tool that goes beyond annual enrollment and communicates to employees and their families about making safe, healthy choices all year long,” said Oakstone Publishing CEO, Diane Munson.

“Our clients who have already bought the e-Library really love it,” said Vice President of Sales, Steve Cummings. “We’re hearing that users appreciate the up-to-date information, ease of access, and how convenient it is to print messages that they can post at their worksites and wellness events. It’s really improving our clients’ ability to achieve their wellness objectives — and at a price that fits their budgets.”

About Oakstone Publishing, LLC

Personal Best is a division of Oakstone Publishing, LLC. Oakstone Publishing is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and excels at providing non-biased, continuing education and certification materials for physicians and dentists, as well as effective wellness resources for organizations interested in encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for their employees. For additional information, visit us online at www.oakstonepublishing.com and at www.personalbest.com.

Oakstone Publishing, LLC, is a portfolio company of BV Investment Partners, a leading private equity investor in the information and business services, communications and media sectors.