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Personal Best® Releases Flu Prevention Starter Kit as Country Braces for Tough Cold and Flu Season

As the concerns mount with the increasing number of cases for Novel H1N1 virus or swine flu, Personal Best has developed a Flu Prevention Starter Kit to encourage and reinforce preventative behavior.

Birmingham, AL, September 21, 2009 — Personal Best®, a leader in employee wellness solutions, announces the release of a Flu Prevention Starter Kit as the United States prepares for what is projected to be a severe cold and flu season. Keeping employees and staff healthy are a major concern for businesses and organizations as the number of cases of Novel H1N1 virus (commonly referred to as "swine flu") continues to increase.

As concerns mount, businesses and physicians should prepare to educate themselves and their employees or patients on who’s at risk, self-care prevention, the coming vaccine, possible side effects, and potential partial immunity. Personal Best’s Flu Prevention Starter Kit is an informational resource promoting prevention and self-care guidelines.

"A widespread outbreak of illness — whether seasonal flu, swine flu or another infection — has the potential to cause disruptions in the workplace, schools and in essential services. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the Flu Prevention Starter Kit which will help educate and encourage preventative behavior," said Senior Vice President and Publisher for Personal Best, Charles Dismuke.

The Flu Prevention Starter Kit includes: 50 educational brochures that provide self-care tips; a six-poster set series that reinforces preventative behavior such as proper hand washing techniques and provides tips on recognizing cold and flu symptoms as well as vaccination recommendations from the CDC; a Swine Flu Preparedness checklist; and a free bonus audio CD titled Swine Flu & Other Pandemic Events that helps prepare organizational leaders on protecting their employees and businesses. To learn more and review the components of the kit, go to: Personal Best’s Flu Prevention Starter Kit.

"The Flu Prevention Starter Kit is a great resource for businesses and organizations to utilize in promoting preventative steps that may help reduce the spread of seasonal flu’s including H1N1," said Dr. Donald Deye, internists and Medical Director for Oakstone Medical Publishing.

Personal Best is a major publisher of employee wellness informational materials covering such areas as health and wellness, safety, productivity, shift work and personal money management. Resource materials are available in various electronic and hard copy formats.

The company’s TopHealth®, Personal Best Healthlines®, and Body Bulletin® newsletters reach more than one million readers each month at nearly 10,000 organizations. Personal Best is a division of Oakstone Publishing, a medical and wellness communications company that specializes in providing educational materials and resources for healthcare professionals and those organizations interested in encouraging healthy lifestyle choices among their employees.