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3 Steps to Safety™ - Spanish
3 Steps to Safety™ - Spanish
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Save money & reduce injuries with these eye-catching images that drive home high-impact safety messages.


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12" x 18"
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8.5" x 11"


A large percentage of workplace injuries are preventable with the proper safety measures. These posters are designed to help implement a concise and affordable safety management plan and to help ensure your organization meets its health and safety obligations.

Available sizes: 12" x 18", 8.5 x 11"


Available in   Spanish.


  • Before You Lift
  • Store It Safely
  • Workplace Crime Stoppers
  • Handle Chemicals Carefully
  • Don't Take Chances
  • On the Loading Dock
  • Back Safety
  • Stress
  • Accident First Moves
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Hand Tool Safety
  • Accident Prevention
  • Fire Fighters
  • Fall Prevention
  • Ergonomics
  • Hearing Safety
  • Keyboard Comfort
  • Ladder Safety
  • Safe Lifting
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • PPE
  • Eye Protection
  • Electrical Safety
  • Foot Safety

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12" x 18"
8.5" x 11"


Individual Posters in Set

Accident Prevention – Spanish

Leaving chemicals & tools where they don’t belong or stacking materials improperly can lead to accidents & injury.

Accident First Moves – Spanish

Whether the setting is the warehouse, the production floor or the office, these 3 steps offer the initial support that can help people remain calm.

Fall Prevention – Spanish

Don't take chances - take precautions. These 3 steps can help keep people on their feet.

Fire Fighters – Spanish

Fire safety at work is important business. Complement your fire safety precautions with these 3 steps.

Ergonomics – Spanish

Working with machinery or power tools increases risk for work-related pain & injury in the hands, elbows & wrists.

Hearing Safety – Spanish

People who work in noisy environments should always wear the recommended hearing protection & remember these 3 steps.

Keyboard Comfort – Spanish

Poor keyboarding techniques can lead to pain & injury in the upper body, particularly the wrists, hands & forearms.

Ladder Safety – Spanish

These 3 simple tips can help people use ladders safely and reduce their risk of falls.

Safe Lifting – Spanish

These 3 steps can ensure safer lifting in any workplace setting.

Lockout/Tagout – Spanish

Let these 3 steps reinforce the lockout/tagout safety principle in your workplace.

PPE – Spanish

A worker’s first line of defense against injury is wearing the proper personal protective equipment. These 3 steps can help.

Electrical Safety – Spanish

Hundreds of people are killed or injured from contact with electricity either on the job or at home annually. These 3 tips can help prevent electric shock injuries.

Eye Protection – Spanish

Vision protection begins with wearing the right protective eyewear for the job & taking precautions such as these 3 steps.

Before You Lift – Spanish

It only takes a second & one wrong move to put a person out of work because of a back injury, one of the most common reasons for lost productivity & absenteeism.

Store It Safely – Spanish

Leaving chemicals & tools where they don’t belong or stacking materials improperly can lead to accidents & injury.

Foot Safety – Spanish

Wearing shoes is far from enough to prevent foot pain & injury. And when those hard-working feet become sore or injured, productivity suffers.

Workplace Crime Stoppers – Spanish

A person’s work area is their home away from home. Most people don’t take risks at home, so why should they take risks at work?

Handle Chemicals Carefully – Spanish

Care & safety when handling, storing & working with chemicals can be a matter of life & death.

Don't Take Chances – Spanish

Both on & off the job, taking safety precautions should be standard operating procedure.

Back Safety – Spanish

Back injuries are among the most common workplace accidents, & lower back pain affects four out of five adults.

On the Loading Dock – Spanish

Loading docks can be dangerous areas where people work closely with vehicles & other heavy equipment. These 3 steps address some basic safety principles.

Repetitive Motion Injuries – Spanish

Repetitive motion injuries occur when the same motion, such as gripping, twisting or vibrating, is performed over & over again. These 3 steps can reduce risk.

Stress-Free – Spanish

Stress in the workplace can lead to serious consequences when people become too distracted to remember safety first.

Hand Tool Safety – Spanish

Whether using tools on the job or tackling a weekend home improvement project, it's important to follow these 3 basic tool rules.

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