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Our newsletter designed to help employees boost their productivity and job satisfaction in practical ways.
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Boost productivity and job satisfaction by helping your employees become better managers of their jobs. TopPerformance® is easy to read and is filled with short articles and practical advice. 

  • 2 pages, 4-color
  • 12 monthly issues
  • Photo illustrated
  • Smart Moves* toolkit, our interactive online supplement for readers
  • Content reviewed by wellness advisory board

*updated monthly and features QuikRisk Assessment quizzes, healthy recipes, calorie and activity charts, sleep and headache diaries, and more!


  • Sent flat or folded at no extra charge
  • Customize with your company's logo or special message (call a Wellness Advisor to receive this option) 
  • Available in  English
  • Available in print or online format.


  • How to manage your task list efficiently
  • How to stimulate your creativity
  • How to manage time for yourself, your family and your hobbies
  • How to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • How to improve your communication skills
  • How to deal with common stressors

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