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Personal Best Healthlines® Online
Personal Best Healthlines® Online
Our award-winning, flagship newsletter helps set the industry standard for motivating lifestyle choices that promote good health and safety.
Personal Best Healthlines Online  #PBEW
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500 - 999$0.37$4.44


  • 12 monthly issues
  • Photo illustrated
  • Healthy recipes
  • Smart Moves* toolkit, our interactive online supplement for readers
  • Monthly Manager email with flyer and quiz promoting that month's issue, plus a sneak preview of the next month's content
  • Content reviewed by wellness advisory board

*updated monthly and features QuikRisk Assessment quizzes, healthy recipes, calorie and activity charts, sleep and headache diaries, and more!


  • Available in print or online format.
  •  English Online with  English PDF
  • Customize with your company's logo or special message (call a Wellness Advisor to receive this option) 



  • Helpful tips about the latest health and wellness news
  • Content that supports major health observances
  • Practical nutrition and fitness advice
  • Guidelines for immunizations 
  • Stress management


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