Healthy Handouts

Use our Healthy Handouts to cover a variety of titles to help you target the topics most important to your organization. Healthy Handouts are a great complement to any wellness program. Printed on brochure weight paper, they are easy to distribute in paycheck stuffers, or at health fairs, lunch-and-learns and open enrollment. Give your employees accurate information to take home and review when needed by anyone in the household.

Nutrition & Weight Management
Easy-to-follow guides that take smart eating to the next level & present sensible, achievable weight-control tips.
Managing Stress
Effective stress management training made easy ... because stress can drain each & every employee until it affects their health, productivity, morale & even their safety.
Exercise & Fitness
Motivation to get your employees onboard toward a physically active lifestyle.
Self Care
Raising awareness & offering practical approaches for top health concerns of men & women.
Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs
A low-key way to deal with substance abuse & smoking in the workplace.
Health Conditions & Prevention
Non-intimidating health education designed to promote healthy habits, raise awareness & prevent chronic conditions.

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