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Our brochures offer informative and compelling wellness education that's both affordable and quick to read. They are just the right size to accompany paychecks or other workplace communications. They are also a great addition to wellness events such as health fairs, lunch-and-learns or open enrollment.

Bloodborne Pathogens
An easy-to-read guide to bloodborne pathogens, including causes and prevention.
Safety Around Electricity
Covers guidelines to prevent contact with electrical hazards.
Making Your Space Work for You.
Supports training for your LOTO program. Includes an LOTO checklist.
Safe Driving For Every Season
Promotes awareness for precautions behind the wheel.
Machine Safeguards
Supports training goals for machine safeguards.
Preventing Wrist Pain & Strain
An Easy-to-Follow Guide
Hand & Power Tool Safety
Safe ways to use hand tools and power tools.
Safety on Your Feet
Provides guidelines for foot protection.
Preventing Hearing Loss
Covers causes of hearing loss and ear protection.
Hand Safety
Provides guidelines for keeping hands injury-free.
Head Protection
Covers common causes of head injuries and how to avoid them.
Lung Protection
Increases awareness of occupational lung disease and measures to prevent it.
Emergencies and What to Do
Promotes awareness of common emergencies and how to respond.
Put Safety First
It's Your Responsibility
Fitness at Work
Try these workspace friendly fitness tips from our Fitness at Work brochure.
Fire Safety
Safety initiatives targeted at the workplace & at home continue to be the key to fire safety.
PPE Safety Head to Toe
Protecting your body from head to toe consists of basic principles.
Watch Out
Stop slips, trips and falls.
Make It Safe
Working Outdoors
Safe Lifting
And Other Ways to Protect Your Back
Eye Safety
Taking Care of Your Vision
21 Ways to Stop Incidents
Before They Happen

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