Our brochures offer informative and compelling wellness education that's both affordable and quick to read. They are just the right size to accompany paychecks or other workplace communications. They are also a great addition to wellness events such as health fairs, lunch-and-learns or open enrollment.

Nutrition & Weight Management
Easy-to-follow guides that take smart eating to the next level & present sensible, achievable weight-control tips.
Managing Stress
Effective stress management training made easy ... because stress can drain each & every employee until it affects their health, productivity, morale & even their safety.
Exercise & Fitness
Motivation to get your employees onboard toward a physically active lifestyle.
Self Care
Raising awareness & offering practical approaches for top health concerns of men & women.
Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs
A low-key way to deal with substance abuse & smoking in the workplace.
Health Conditions & Prevention
Non-intimidating health education designed to promote healthy habits, raise awareness & prevent chronic conditions.
Wellness & Health Promotion
A collection of topics aimed to keep people feeling their best.

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