Choose a wellness solution that’s right for your organization.

The Wellness e-Library

Build your own program anytime, anywhere.

The Personal Best e-library gives you access to our expansive award-winning wellness and safety content all organized in one online resource. This media-rich library allows you to create newsletters and wellness campaigns. The e-library subscription:

  • Includes monthly newsletters plus access to posters, brochures, archived articles for use in email communication, printed distribution, presentations and intranet posts.
  • Allows you to search our digital library and build your own targeted wellness program and campaigns around the topics important to your organization.
  • Increases engagement by reaching your entire population where they will use the content — in print and online.
  • Features wellness materials that are reviewed and approved by our Board of Health and Medical Advisers and adhere to rigorous documentation standards for evidence-based content and effective communication.