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Diet DetectiveTake Advantage of Your Exercise Personality

Exercise programs aren’t one size fits all — they need to be customized to keep your interest, enjoyment and motivation high. It’s easier to find the right fit if you keep your goals and personality in mind. Are you:

Competitive or recreational?
If you love to compete, consider joining a soccer, basketball or Frisbee team. Look for sport groups in your area or start one with coworkers or friends. Many activities can also be done non-competitively to meet your needs and at your own pace.

Goal- or rule-oriented?
Need a goal? You may enjoy an exercise where you can track progress such as weightlifting. Golf and baseball have specific regulations, which might appeal to those who like to play by the rules.

Introvert or extrovert?
If you are a people person, sign up for social activities such as exercise classes, join hiking groups or go on active outings with your family. If you’re a solo type, try yoga, swimming, cycling or kayaking. These are also good choices if you like to set your own pace.

Risk-taker or free bird?
Want more excitement? Secured rock climbing might fit the bill. Craving spontaneity? Simply join a friend on the spur of the moment for a walk one day. For something new, try a dance class or scuba course.

Many people have several of the traits above. Try a variety of activities that will keep you moving most days of the week.

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