Downloadable Tools

Download these trackers to help improve your lifestyle.

Sleep Diary
Use this form to record your sleep habits and identify factors which may interfere with your sleep.
Headache Diary
Use this form to track your headaches and identify possible triggers.

Obesity and Waist Circumference

Gauge your productivity and time-management know-how with this month’s assessment.

Tests your health care provider uses to detect diseases vary, depending on your age and gender.

How many calories can 10 minutes of physical activity burn? This helpful chart covers 24 popular activities.

This chart shows the estimated amount of calories needed daily to maintain calorie balance for adults and children at 3 different levels of physical activity.

Regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity or country of birth, immunizations are essential for protecting you, your family, friends and community against serious, life-threatening infections.

Posters and activity sheets for your family to do together.