Choose a wellness solution that’s right for your organization.

Wellness Works 365

Remove the guesswork from creating a strong and engaging communication plan.

Based on more than 25 years of knowledge and key national health and safety observances, our editors have chosen 12 monthly themes with ready-to-send articles and downloads to help you quickly reap the rewards of healthier and more productive employees.

  • Plan a whole year’s worth of wellness communication with Wellness Works 365, and free up time for other projects.
  • Share timely and expert-reviewed content with just a click. Every month you will receive an email full of educational and fun content (such as articles, brochures and posters) for engaging with your employees weekly. You hit send. It’s that easy.
  • Reach your employees on any device they use — computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Wellness e-Library

Build your own program anytime, anywhere.

The Personal Best e-library gives you access to our expansive award-winning wellness and safety content all organized in one online resource. This media-rich library allows you to create newsletters and wellness campaigns. The e-library subscription:

  • Includes monthly newsletters plus access to posters, brochures, archived articles for use in email communication, printed distribution, presentations and intranet posts.
  • Allows you to search our digital library and build your own targeted wellness program and campaigns around the topics important to your organization.
  • Increases engagement by reaching your entire population where they will use the content — in print and online.
  • Features wellness materials that are reviewed and approved by our Board of Health and Medical Advisers and adhere to rigorous documentation standards for evidence-based content and effective communication.